Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Birthday Thoughts

So I found out today that I am over 5 billion seconds old or... 9 and a half million minutes or...6570 days old. I think I'll stick with almost 18.
I'm looking forward to turning 18, here is a few reasons why...

1. I can finally go to the bank without getting told I need my mom to accompany me to get cash.
2. I can buy rifles, rifle ammunition, and loading components, (but not pistols or pistol ammunition :()
3. I can legally own a handgun which I will be doing. (but I can't buy ammo or pistols myself? whats up with that?)
4. I can sign myself in at the doctor's office.
5. ...............Maybe I'll think of some new ones when I actually turn 18.

While all this is well and good, I think that the most important thing to me is to look back a few years ago at what I wanted to do when I turned 18. I was fully ready to go down a path of heart ache and sorrow, a life of willful disobedience to God. I thank God so much for His grace in saving me, He has done such a work in my life, I have learned just enough to know how ignorant I am and I'm still learning more everyday.
I went from someone who did not want kids, who did not want to live with my parents, who did not want God. Now I love living with my parents and my 4 siblings in a 800 sq ft home, and through progressive sanctification God has worked a heart of repentance in me, a heart that pursues holiness.

"A seat in heaven shall one day be thine;
 but a chain in hell would have been thine if
grace had not changed thee."

C.H. Spurgeon

....This is my life's it yours?

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