Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today we mixed up some solution to treat the logs.
All the logs on the bottom rack have been bleached and treated, and I bleached the top half of all the other logs except two I think. It will take another whole day to bleach the other side of all the logs and then another day or two to treat all the logs.

Luckily we managed to mix up the stuff without any major explosions.

We can only hope that we didn't pop up on some terrorist watch list after buying the amount of coolant, borax, and boric acid that we did, what you see here is just what we used to make one batch.

I was driving my truck up into the woods to get to the last rack of logs today and on the way up I punctured my front left tire, I had just got new front tires put on, albeit they were free they still had a lot of tread on them. I put my spare tire on for now. I don't think that they will be able to plug the hole so I guess I'll have to buy a new tire.

I saw this rabbit the other day before going to work, it was still kinda dark and foggy so the picture is not the greatest.

      Got a shot of it darting into the brush.

"Kayla Grace" is continuing to grow, she is starting to smile and laugh.

Here is some friendly advise to anyone who might be expecting


Hope this helps.

The road trip conference is coming up soon, we are looking forward to showing hospitality and blessing others. If you haven't heard about the conference yet, check out our churches web site

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  1. hhahahaha those pregnancy comics are GREAT!!