Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Really Big.....?

The portable saw mill that we are using cannot cut a full 4x12, the blade is only big enough for a 4x8. The only way we can cut a 4x12 is to make a 6in cut on one side, then spin the entire engine around and cut 6in on the other side. To spin the engine around you have to pick it up off its tracks by hand, spin it around, and then try to get it back on the tracks. It can be done, but last time dad and I tried to do it I hurt my shoulder pretty bad, spinning it by hand would get old really fast with the 20 some logs we have to mill. (getting 2 to 4, 4x12s out of each log) So we did some brain storming and decided we needed a lift of some sort. We had a couple of 4x8s from when we did a "practice" run with the saw mill. So the other day we went down and cut the 20ft beams in half and brought them up the hill. Yesterday I started working on it. When it's finished it will look like a really big swing set. Also when we are finished using it to lift the saw I'm going to build a 3 or 4 seater chair and use the lift as a stand for a glider/swing. (Mom's idea)  

I just got a practically brand new set of tires for my truck yesterday. I got 4 tires for $80 (for those of you playing at home that's $20 a piece!) I wont tell you where I got em' because I'm snobby that way (honestly I can't remember the name of the place) 

Anyway I decided not to do a podcast, I didn't consider all the time I'd have to spend preparing for it, then editing it, then uploading it, so I'll just stick with the blog posts, I like writing better anyway.

Check out this post from the sand-which, usually their stuff is all satire but this was serious and very good.   

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