Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekly Podcast.

I love blogging about things that God has laid on my heart, unfortunately I just don't time to blog like I used I've been would be a lot easier for me to sit down in front of a microphone and talk about things that God has laid on my heart, than to sit down and type out and then proof read and then publish and then re-edit posts on my blog. So what do you think? would my regular readers be interested? It would be a short podcast (5 or 10 minutes) once a week or so. I still keep you posted on the Log cabin and and family matters as always.

I'll try it out and see if it is any easier.

Don't worry I'll keep the satire coming as well.


  1. What about all that wasted time between midnight and 7 am? You know sleep is highly over-rated!

  2. Philip, that's what I told your wife when she said it was too hot to can tomatoes...
    Seriously, if that's what you have time for, I think we could adjust. But, I prefer reading blogs. I can do that even when there's all kinds of noise in the background.