Thursday, August 19, 2010

God Is Awesome...

I was holding Baby Girl tonight and watching her looking around. She would look into the light and her eyes would adjust and then she would look at a darker area and her eyes would dilate. In that moment I got a glimpse of how awesome God is. How amazing is it that He created this little helpless baby's eyes to be able to adjust and focus and see things clearer than any lens money could buy, and without her even having to think about it. 

And you can see the artfulness of God in her beautiful face.     


  1. While I technically know eyes can do that, I believe I've never actually seen it happen. That is neat that you got to witness that!

  2. That is simply beautiful Blane. It's so true!

    My mom actually lost (temporarily) her distance vision, because she spent so much time staring at her babies faces. I find myself doing that, too, whenever I hold a little one.

    She's just gorgeous!