Sunday, September 5, 2010


A lot of things have happened since my last post. I haven't really had time update until now. We have been pretty busy at work, we have been working between 9 and 15 hours a day and it's looking like we will continue to get even more busy. Because of this I have backed off of my job search for now.

Mom and dad went to a weekend retreat a few weeks ago and I kept the older kids. We had fun playing outside a lot.

The girls picking tomatoes out of the garden.

Coming to show me the Toe-Mater. 

This has to be the epitome of cuteness...wouldn't you agree?
I was holding her and started blowing air on her ear with a rubber duck and this is what happened...

 Last week we had the Blevins (a wonderful family who has been attending STBF for a few months), Daniel Mount (A young man who has also been attending for a number of weeks now), and the Weirs (Eric Weir was our guest speaker last Sunday. He has spoken at several conferences including the Family Economics conference hosted by Generations with Vision) over at our house for dinner. The Blevins and Daniel came over earlier in the day to check out the building site and help on the sawmill. We had a wonderful time getting to know each other better and we enjoyed meeting the Weirs. 

Yesterday we were hoping to get three logs cut. But one thing after another kept messing up. First the chain popped of the chainsaw, then the throttle on the sawmill broke, and then we noticed one of the tracks that the mill runs on was higher than the other (4 in higher to be exact!) Well...we fixed the chainsaw, rigged the throttle to get it to work, got the tracks level (although it turned out to be a timing issue that we can't fix but we got it close). After sawing one log, we went in to eat dinner and then we went back out a whatdaya you know?....the engine flooded and we didn't have the right socket to get the spark plugs out. We preceded to call it a day. I spent the rest of the evening trying to get my spare tire back under my truck, and then I got ready for church.

We are going to work on the sawmill again tomorrow. Hopefully things will go better.

This is me on the sawmill, we might get more video of the entire process later on if we have time. 



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