Saturday, October 9, 2010

Raw Goat Milk Sting.

30+ people were arrested this week as a culmination of a six month undercover operation. As a result of the operation several gallons of raw goat milk and lbs. of raw cheese with a street value of approximately  200 dollars and a couple of turkeys were confiscated.    

The members started a church named STBF as a front for their illegal dealings.
"I just can't believe that there are people like this in our community", said a woman who lives near the church. "It's just despicable!" Says another.

The raw goat milk can be taken by pouring over a bowl of cereal, using it in a smoothie...some people even add other substances such as chocolate syrup ect...Some even drink it straight out of a glass. Effects can include: happy taste buds, loss of hunger, and a full stomach.

Some of the mothers were questioned after the arrests. When asked why they were doing what they were doing one of the them said, "...we became addicted to was so good we just couldn't stop drinking the goat milk." another said, "I just wanted the best for my children..I was willing to do whatever it takes to get that (raw goat milk).

One of the arresting officers commented..."The town can rest easy now with these evil people behind bars. You can rest assured knowing that the FDA is trying to regulate we never have problems like e coli in spinach or salmonella in chicken eggs...

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  1. Well said, Blane.
    When the government controls the food source, it controls the people.
    Just history repeating itself.
    Look at pre-WW2 Germany, pre-soviet Russia, pre-Revolution France, pre-socialist US. Oh wait...