Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving and First Logs Up

Wednesday we went down to my Grandparent's house for Thanksgiving.

Some friends of ours have a vacation house next to my Grandparent's house that they let us stay in. It was really nice to have the space to spread out.

We tried to get some good Christmas pictures...

Getting ready to push baby girl off the chair...

What in the world is this thing on my head!!

We went hunting and fishing and had a great time with the family.

We got our first course of logs down today!! Tim, Chris, Jeff, and Philip came to help us and things went very well.

Philip: "Don't take any silly pictures of me today...I know where you live!" 

Me: "Dohkay" : D

I got the job of pulling the logs up in the air via the block and tackle with the suburban. Tim pulled up the other end with his truck.

I had my exit strategy planned out in case the lifting pole fell over onto the suburban. Everything held up well and worked perfectly

Jeff resting for a little bit.

Tim cutting off some knots.

Me drilling a log to go down over the rebar.

Discussing what to do...

Last log going down...Well, not really the last log...

After everyone left we stacked another log by ourselves. We drug it into place, lifted it into place, drilled it and pinned it all before dinner time. We are very happy with what we were able to get done today.

Thanks everyone.

This picture 100 years from now....

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