Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Time is Here

Can you hear it? It's the sound of Children laughing as they decorate ginger bread cookies. It's the sound of carolers belting out classic Christmas tunes. It's the sound of prayers of thanks being offered up to God for sending His Son, His only Son, the Son whom He loved to die for sinners so they could be reconciled to God. It's the sounds of Christmas. I wish that the Charley Brown Christmas song could play in the background everywhere I go, I love that song.

We have been getting into the Christmas spirit over the past couple of days, but not in the way that most people do. We have tried to get away from the commercialism of Christmas and focus on Christ. Christ should be the focus of our lives at all times, but Christmas time is a great time to focus on the incarnation of Christ and to enjoy traditions and spending time with family--as long as the traditions don't become the focus.

Gabby has gotten really good at reading so she has been reading some of the scripture during our family devotion time. Here she is reading the Christmas story out of a story book. We listened and then compared that to the Bible's account to see if it was accurate. It wasn't, but it was fun to try to see how much we remembered of the Biblical account. 

Mom and Gabby made some paper stars and hung them up around the house for decoration. This is Gabby's 

And This is mom's

Mom and the girls made some ginger bread cookies today.

This is sad ginger bread man...he has a tough life.


            Baby girl sitting in my lap during family devotions.

We have a lot of plans over the next couple of days. I'll do a post after Christmas informing you about all our goings on.

Until then Merry Christmas from the Fowlers.


  1. I love the sad gingerbread man picture!

    The rest are great, too. :)

  2. the sad gingerbread man pics made me laugh so hard !