Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Very Fowler Christmas

I was planning to do a blog post about all our Christmas goings ons after tomorrow because I was planning on going over to some friends house for a dessert party tonight and then I was going to blog about church tomorrow as well...but that was when they were calling for a "light dusting" today. (mmm missed it by that much) I woke up this morning at daybreak and there was not a flake of snow on the ground. It started snowing not long after and it has not stopped since. We have about 4 or 5 inches right now and they are calling for severe snowfall tonight. I am having bad flashbacks to last year when we lost power for several days...I am praying that does not happen; I think I would go crazy.

Anyway, as I said in my last post we have been getting ready for Christmas by decorating and cooking Christmas cookies and stuff. We started reading the Christmas story from Luke for our devotion time.

Thursday we got up and worked on the house and got another course (4 logs) up. Mr Blevins came in the morning and stayed and helped all day...he was a huge help. Here are some pictures.

Manly work for a manly man

Whenever we lift a log up and get it in place and in line with the logs under it, we then pin both ends of the log with rebar to the log under it and then pin the pass log to it. These are what we call the "primary pins" and the "end pins" These will hold the logs in place sufficiently enough for us to lift all four logs into place and then we go back and pin them every two feet with half inch rebar.

Putting in the end pins 

Driving in rebar.

Starting rebar into the holes to be driven in with the demo-hammer. 

  Three courses up

We went over to the Hodge's house for dessert after we finished working on the house. We were planning to go for dinner but by the time we finished working on the house and got showers and stuff it would have been to late for dinner so we had dessert. I was so busy talking that I forgot to take pictures but we all had a good time. 

Friday we worked on the house some but we did not get as much done as we would have liked. We only got one log up.

From this angle it looks like we got a lot done...but that log on top is the only one we got up.
It was hard to pull out from where we had it stored and it. It took half of the day to get it out and into position and ready to be lifted.

This gives you an idea of how high the walls are now. It's going to get more difficult as we get higher. Right now one person can climb up on the wall and the someone else can hand the tools up to them. This will not be as easy once we got 20 feet up into the air.

After all that we went over to the Priddy's for Christmas Eve dinner. We had homemade appetizers; it was so good. I forgot to bring my camera in so I don't have pictures of that either.


Everyone was ready for Christmas. We've had a great day today. I took lots of pictures. I'll put up a slideshow next week along with pictures from the Love the Church conference. 

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