Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Ben listening to Johnny Cash, sittin on a barrel of wheat, pickin his "tar".

Working in the dark

Last week we started working on the house in the evening and it got dark on us. We kept going until we couldn't see and then got out our 50 bajillion watt work light out and finished.

This is where we are at right now. Actually we've gotten one more log up since this picture was taken.
When this course is done we will have 9 courses finished. This is only half as big as it will be when we are done. It's going to be pretty big.

You haven't used a chainsaw until you've used one while straddling a log wall 12 feet up in the air.

Ted and Nathan the infamous duo.


Using the block and tackle makes it easy to hoist yourself up the wall. I went all the way to the top of the pole--it does not seem so high now that the wall is there.

That's where we are right now. It's going slow, but steady. 

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