Tuesday, June 14, 2011

P-A-D 73/365-Monochrome Monday-(The Tuesday Version)

P-A-D 73/365
Title: Charlittle Became Charlotte 

I made a delivery to Charlotte today. I enjoy making deliveries. Even though we didn't talk much my co-worker and I had some good conversation on the way there and back.

In this picture I used a technique called High Dynamic Range Photography. It is the process of taking several pictures taken at different exposures and composing one photo. The reason for doing this is when you take a picture where you have a high contrast of light (A skyline picture) you either have to properly expose the trees (for instance in this photo) and overexpose the sky, or properly expose the sky and underexpose the trees. The only way to solve this problem is to take a picture exposing the sky and then the trees properly and then combine them into one photo.
Yes....I'm a dork :)
Here is an example of the best HDR photographer. One of his pictures was put into the Smithsonian.

I love our new kitty, she is so playful and snugly.

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  1. Your new kitty looks so sweet and I am glad she has a new home.