Wednesday, June 15, 2011

P-A-D 74/365

Title: Checking It Twice

I am not a list kind of guy, well I guess I am in the sense that I work best when I have a list, but I'm not in the sense that I never use one unless mom makes one of some chores she wants me to do. Last Sunday during our mens time a story was told of a very successful real-estate broker. One of the things he attributed to his success was lists. He would make a list the night before of all the things that he needed  to get done the next day. He would not go to bed until he either had everything checked off his list, or if he was unable to complete it he would work it into the next day's list. I decided to give it a go, I have a tendency to turn everything off when I get home, most days I am very tired when I get home and it's easy to sit down and rest or to piddle in some unnecessary thing. Hopefully making a list everyday will if nothing else help me to be more deliberate with my time. 
Ok so I know you're going to ask "why am I just now paying my taxes". Actually I did pay my taxes (just in time too) however I accidentally paid my state taxes with money out of an account that hadn't been activated yet even though I had it activated and my old account closed (In theory). So I wrote a bogus check (apparently they don't like it when you do that...the government). Tomorrow's list includes going to the bank and figuring out what's going on.

"Accountability Kitteh keeps your kids safe on teh internets." 

Still loving the new kitty. She is not 100 percent house trained yet. (she hasn't learned that it's not ok to jump up on the table). But don't worry I have a spray bottle full of water with her name on it. ;)


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