Sunday, July 17, 2011

Introverts Unite!

I've taken a bit of a break with my picture-a-day challenge this week. I'll start it back up again this coming week.

I often joke about being an introvert but I've never actually looked up what it means to be an introvert. I looked it up today and I was like "Dude this is totally describing me to the T" (Cause that's how I talk to myself in my mind) Basically it said that an introvert is someone who is energized by being alone and whose energy is drained by being around other people. I really enjoy being around other people especially my closer friends, but it drains my energy. It's not that I'm annoyed with people or that people in and of themselves drain my energy, it's kind of hard to say why I am the way I am. I like being around people but I enjoy being alone more.

If you have been around me for more than an hour or so you will know that I am very quiet. One person once told me that if I didn't have my blog they would have thought that I was just another fluff head. Well thank goodness for my blog :)

Isn't it neat how God makes each person different for his own reasons? Sometimes I wish I was a little more extroverted but I know that God has made me the way I am for a reason.

Anyway, no particular reason for this post. It will be interesting though to see how my introvertedness will play out in my endeavor to share my faith. I hope to show you Christian that if (introverted, somewhat shy) me can share my faith with other people you ought to have no excuse as far as being shy goes.



  1. BJ
    As one introvert to another (NOT!!!) I can say that YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made! Shy, YOU are a blessin'. Thanks for bloggin'..........cb

  2. When are we stormin' the castle? B)
    BTW, ditto to what Candace said...


  3. LOVE the Snoopy and Woodstock cartoon! That is my default postion concerning words, but I do try to work at it...

    If you think about it, we introverts do a great service to society. Someone has to keep their mouth shut.


  4. great post!! I'm a homeschooling mom and I hope my son grows up to be as well rounded and understanding of the world around him. God bless!!