Monday, July 18, 2011

P-A-D 92/365 - Pretty Neat

I entered this photo into a self-portrait contest a few months ago. I was testing out my new speedlights and a reflector I had made, not intending to use the pics for anything. Then I saw the contest and thought "dude I could totally use a $500 camera bag!" (because remember, that's how I talk to myself in my mind :) So I entered it and low and behold it only got 15 votes (the winner got over 1000) But the studio that put the contest on picked it along with 9 others out of over 500 as finalist/honorable mention.

They posted my picture and a link to my blog on their website.

From the site:
"Human beings have an odd fascination with our selves, our features and it’s even more so for us artists and photographers. Perhaps it is a sort of rite of passage we each have to go through before we are able to extract and capture the essence of our subjects. Following my curiosity with the power of self-portraits, I partnered with Lowepro to find the most visually creative and beautifully executed shots. And the results, as you can see, are no short of amazing."

I didn't think the pic was that great but that's what you get for being a reformed photographer. Wait for'll get it.....

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