Friday, July 1, 2011

P-A-D 84/365 - Instruments In The Hands Of The Master


I had a photo-shoot in mind with my sisters and picture frames but it got too late to do that so I'll do that sometime this weekend. 

I tend to butcher songs when I try to pick up my guitar and play something, never-the-less music is something I am very passionate about. When a highly skilled musician picks up an instrument he can effortlessly go wherever he wants having total control over the instrument and can use it to create majestic music. This is something like what God does with us, however the analogy is not quite correct (analogies never are with God) We are not an expensive, beautiful, guitar. You see even the most highly skilled musician will salivate over an original Stradivarius (a violin that goes for between 1 to 6 million dollars) Even a cheap $100 guitar has some intrinsic value. The Bible says that we have no intrinsic value, the Bible says that we are dirt, in fact the Bible says that we are worse than dirt-we are dung. The Bible says that we are like the ooze that comes out of an open wound, or the stench of an open grave. It's not just that we have nothing to offer God-we have all our violations of his laws, all our filth, our blasphemy, our wickedness. The only value we have is the value that God has placed on us. You see when Jesus saves a person he not only pays their fine, he fills their account with his goodness so that they are seen as righteous. He then takes us and molds into the image of Jesus. As God does this he begins to use us as instruments for his will whatever that might be. Any good "music" or any beauty that comes from us does not come from any intrinsic goodness or value that we have, but wholly from what God has done in us and through us. Contrary to what some would tell you-you are nothing special in and of yourself. You are special because of the incredible, unexplainable value that almighty God has placed on you. 

I am tied down by my lack of music theory and knowledge as to what I can do and where I can go musically, but a skilled musician has total freedom and complete control over the instrument in his hands. God has complete control in our lives and he knows what he is doing. When you understand the sovereignty of God your perspective on everything changes.                 


  1. Uh, triple amen?!

    Great post Blane, great pseudo-analogy!