Saturday, July 2, 2011

P-A-D 85/365

Title: You Shall Not Pass!!! (let the LOTR fan understand) 

The kids had a little fun tonight with sparklers. For this picture I set my flash to go off when the shutter first opens and again right before it shuts. This gives the blur effect while maintaining relative sharpness in the subject that could not be achieved by simply using a slow shutter speed.

 Today the Blevins came over to help us and we took the two lifting poles out of the corners of the house. Then we got the left over logs off of our neighbors property, then we burned a lot of cambian and cleaned up all around.  

I'm at a loss as to what to caption this.


  1. YOU are a dead man!!!!!! You just fell from a "highy favored" time, all onions for you, brother...... Mrs. B

  2. I thought it was a good picture!! :)

  3. Beauty is the eye of the beholder....YOU are blind!!! cb

  4. I am not! By the way YOU approved of it. There I took it off just don't feed me onions!! :)

  5. Did I?.......ooooops!!! Have a great week. We enjoyed our time with you all. cb