Tuesday, August 16, 2011

P-A-D 107/365


We finished one side of the roof today except for a little bit on the very edge, and we also left an opening at the top so we can work on the ridge pole some before we cover it up.


Although I still have a few more things I have to do before I can start my classes, I got accepted into Whitefield College. I got my class schedule today and I have to say that I am super excited! I get to take classes on greek and hebrew, logic, different kinds of history, ethics, biblical doctrine, biblical view of psychology, biblical creationism, literature, grammar, political theory, communications, biblical hermeneutics, missions, even a music class too! And much more. The only thing I am dreading a bit is the math class I have to take in my sophomore year! I really really dislike math, but I'm sure everything will be ok :) 


  1. Congrats Blane! Those all sound like fascinating courses. It's exciting to start something new. God bless you in your new endeavor...

    Love that math problem. Too bad one can't be answered that way : (


  2. I am so excited for you! Studying is such a challenge, and is so fun!!! LOVE learning and challenging my brain. Just a little encouragement on the math thing... your studies in Logic and apologetics will help you understand math. All three are logic based. Also, understanding math helps you prepare better logic based arguments. Weird, huh?
    We are praying for you. ~CS