Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Space Saver 3000!!!

I'm writing this post on my brand new desk! How did I get a desk into my 8x6 room (5x5 with my bed and dresser) while taking up almost no extra room you ask?

Like this...

It works really great. It's sturdy and it's just the right height.

And it folds up into the wall when not in use!

I got this idea from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

When we first started looking at building a log cabin I started looking into other unconventional bulding methods (for our time). This one was probably the most interesting one. There is a rather large movement of people today who are living in homes not much bigger than my room. This house is a step up from the smallest one you can buy or build. Would you beleive that there is a queen size bed, a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom in this tiny house? Well there is. It is facinating to read how people make use of every square inch of space that they have.  

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