Thursday, October 6, 2011

Days 1 and 2

Here is what we got done Monday and Tuesday.
(sorry for the graininess and blurriness of the pics. We worked from the time that the dew evaporated until dark so I wasn't able to take pics until then.)

Here is showing the fascia boards. These are for esthetics and also keep critters out and protect the rafters from rain. 

This is one side insulated.

(Random Kitty Pic)

This is what we got done tuesday. We finished the fascia board all the way around this side of the roof. Then we began putting osb sheeting on the side we had insulated.

Right now we have the side you see above completely covered in osb and the drip edges installed. 
Also the other side of the roof is completely insulated and ready to be inspected. And we also ran some wiring for a ceiling fan.

Today we will be working on covering the side that's sheeted in tar paper, then we will put up the fascia boards on the other side, then sheet that side and cover it in tar paper. We are thinking that that is all we are going to get done this week. However our shingles will be delivered this afternoon and if we get far enough we may be putting up shingles Saturday. If we can't do that the tar paper will be enough to protect the roof until we can shingle it.   


  1. That looks fantastic! I'm sure it feels good, too, to be able to get so much done so quickly. Is it starting to feel like home yet?


  2. Wow, very busy!
    Love the random kitty shot, he worked hard! :)