Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Week Is Done

We finished everything we planned to do this week.

  • We insulated the roof and it passed inspection.
  • We put up the fascia board all the way around the eves and gables 
  • We covered the roof in osb sheeting 
  • We covered the sheeting with tar paper and put in drip edges 
  • And we now have about 20% of one side of the roof shingled
 Praise God we had no accidents besides and few slips with a razor, some smashed fingers, and sore bodies.

We have worked from the time that the frost lifted from the roof until it was too dark to see and I will definitely being taking full advantage of our day of rest tomorrow.

We could not have asked for more beautiful weather this week, and what's more we got to see the leaves change right before our eyes. It was a beautiful scene every night. I can't help thinking that God meant for man to spend most of our time outside. However I will be doing no complaining when I have to go back to work Monday.

It was too dark to take pictures tonight so I will take some tomorrow.  


  1. What a list of accomplishments! Great job!
    I agree with your statement about God meaning for us to spend most of our time outside. I can't think of anything that gives me more pleasure and the outdoors are healthy for us. Everyone knows that.
    I'm not looking forward to being stuck inside because of the cold.
    Love the blog revamp...


  2. What a great accomplishment and such satisfying work. Beautiful house, I'm looking forward to your posts and pics. So good to see you all, maybe again sometime soon.. Blessings, Susie