Saturday, October 22, 2011

Roof is DONE!!

Now that my knees and back have gotten used to working up on the roof we are FINISHED!
This morning we got up and finished the last few rows of shingles, then my great aunt and her husband came to see the house and have lunch with us. After lunch we installed the ridge vent and then capped the ridge with shingles, then we trimmed the edges and cleaned the debris off of the roof.

We completed what we set out to do (finish the roof before winter) with time to spare. We have a lot of cleaning up to do, and we also have to finish the fascia board on one side of the roof. After that I think we will take some time to rest, regroup, and plan, then we will start putting in the second floor. We are doing the second floor first because we are using 4x12s for joist. These 4x12s are sitting on a rack outside right now and we want to get them out of the weather ASAP. We are using pressure treated 2xs for the first floor which we can order when we are ready.

I'm exhausted and sore but climbing off the roof for the last time (for a while anyway) felt really good. Then stepping back and looking at the finished product was very rewarding. I'll take some pictures tomorrow.



  1. This is great news. I'm so glad you got it done. The roof is probably the worst, maybe the other won't be so back breaking. So glad your aunt and her husband came to visit. We want to come as soon as we can. We'll probably wait until it's finished so you won't put us to You should have put them to work...just joking.. I can't wait for the pics. Love you all Susie

  2. YIPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!! The roof is done.
    Which old roof?
    The real high roof!
    Ding Dong the real high roof is done!