Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Brackets Are In

We got our brackets in today. As you can see it is a solid peice of bent steel. Some are already painted black, others we will have to paint ourselves.

Yesterday I stayed home from work to take care Mom and Gabby who were sick and the rest of the little ones. It was a rough day for them as they could not get out of bed except to go throw up.
This morning I started getting the syptoms and was in bed all morning feeling weak and nauseous. After lunch I began throwing up and was very weak. (I was out of breath when I walked from my room to the living room couch to write this post) Around 7:30 I had to throw up and after I did I fell on the floor and stayed there for an hour being too weak to move. After I was able to get up I had to throw up again. Since then my stomach has been better and hopfully it will stay that way. I was able to drink some ginger ale about 40 minutes ago and so far have kept it down. Although it hit the kids, it was very light for them for some reason. Baby girl and Dad are the only ones who have not gotten it. I am reminded today in a big way how much we take our good health for granted. We don't even deserve good health yet for most of us He gives us that and yet it is still so easy to forget that and to take it for granted.   


  1. Jim, Ann and MaddieDecember 1, 2011 at 12:23 AM

    The brackets look great! We hope you and the rest of the family are feeling better soon.

  2. Sorry you guys are feeling bad. I'm sure your mom was so glad to have you there to help out. Are you guys going to chink the rows where the second floor is going before you put the joists up? We didn't think too much about it beforehand and had to rush and chink two or three rows on the inside right above and below where the second floor is before we put the joists up.

  3. Rachel,

    I had not thought that through until you posted here. Thank you for looking out for us! We will be chinking that one line before putting in the second floor.

    Blane Sr.

  4. No problem. We have had lots of those "I wish we had thought of that earlier" moments. I would chink the row above and the row below.