Friday, December 16, 2011

Working at Night

I didn't have my tripod for this pic so it's kinda blurry. I'm going to get another shot with the tripod next time we are working. This pic really doesn't do justice to how cool the house looks with the work lights shining inside. 

Right now we are working on the second floor of the cabin. We have notched and sanded one side of the house for the joist hangers to rest in. We actually have one 4x12 up right now and it looks pretty awesome.
Next we need to sand and notch the other side of the house and then we can put up all of the 4x12 joists and get them level.


  1. Looking good, I love the pic. Merry Christmas to everyone..Susie

  2. "*GASP* It's a house!!!!!!"
    It's looking great. Keep workin' at it!


  3. It looks like it's on fire! Soon after we moved into our log cabin, we were coming home one night and we seriously thought our house was ablaze. Something about the golden wood being all lit up. Beautiful!