Monday, January 16, 2012

New Music and Anniversaries and Birthdays

This is a song that the Wretched Brothers Band did along with special guests Sunny (Vocals) and Daniel (piano) for Simple Truth Bible Fellowship's 3rd Anniversary.

We also celebrated Sunny and Elder Philip Priddy's Birthdays as well.

Stay tuned for pictures from Sunday and testimonies that were given during a time of sharing after the service.

Also this is a special song I wrote for Philip and Sunny's birthday. I wrote it the night before so we didn't much time to practice it but it was fun to play.

here are the lyrics

It’s your birthday once again, and I’m reminded of how long we’ve been friends.
And I’ll always be there for you, if you cut your toe while sawing a log.
And I’ll always be your friend even though I’m terrified of your tiny little dog

Happy Birthday to you my dear friend, It’s such a joy to have you in our lives.
Happy Birthday to you my dear friend, we love and respect you more than you realize.

Another year and you’re a little more like Him, You’re a shining light in a world that’s dim
May God’s face shine on you, and make your heart renewed.


  1. Great videos, Blane!
    It's amazing how we actually sound put-together! B)
    I'm looking forward to making more music with y'all.

    Be Wretched! (James 4:8-10)

  2. This was more meaningful than you realize. It made my birthday something to be excited about...yep, I wasn't terribly excited about turning 27. Time is just ticking away too quickly! But y'all really made it so special. Great job!!!
    Oh, and I enjoyed being the 'wretched sister' ; )

  3. Well we had to make up for totally forgetting it last year! ;)
    I'm glad it was special for you. :)

    Time does fly! I will never again be a teenager after this year :/

    It was great to have you and Daniel play with us, it added so much and wouldn't have been the same without ya'll


  4. Yesterday was stellar all the way around. Looking forward to you posting the testimonies. I want to just listen to those once a week all year long. Glad you guys were willing to provide the music. Really good job.

  5. I'm glad it added something and that I didn't mess up too badly! :) (And that's not false humility - I know I hit at least one wrong left-hand chord!)

    Also, thanks for posting the lyrics. I had thought line 2 might be about Mr. Priddy, but it was the one I most couldn't make out!

  6. Daniel,

    Surly you must have realized that I messed up the bass line during Nathan's solo and again in the last verse.
    The good thing is that it is likely that no one will over notice except perhaps experienced musicians. :)

    We had just practiced that song as a band 30 minutes prior, and I was singing a song that I wrote night before from memory so it was very "Un-put together."
    It was the thought that counted :)