Monday, January 30, 2012

New Wretched Music And A Concert

This is a song that Nathan wrote and sang. 

Saturday afternoon dad and I went down to Charlotte to Lake Forest Church to see Mike Farris in concert. It had to have been the best live performance I've ever seen, it topped getting to see Phil Keaggy at the Cove. 
Every person in the 10 piece band was amazingly talented and the energy and interaction between them all made for an amazing performance. 

From the time they came out and played the first note they went none-stop for almost 2 and a half hours. Except for when they played the last song and the lights went out and they left, then as dad and I were heading towards the exit he came back out with the backup singers and played a rather mellow song, then he suggested bringing the band back out saying "ya'll don't have anywhere to be do ya!?" 
It was a lot of fun. 

This is the only video I could find that came close to the energy of the performance we saw. Hopefully they will release some of the video from the concert. 


  1. This is awesome, loved it..they are very spiritual..thanks for sharing..Susie