Sunday, February 5, 2012

Baby Girls Birthday

We celebrated Baby Girls 2nd birthday this week. We try to make birthdays a special thing. So we got some decorations and some Blue Bell ice cream, and some nice presents for her.
We have filed for adoption on her and we are now waiting for it to go through.

This week we have been working on putting in the main sewage and water line into the house so we can put the first floor in. We dug a trench 18 inches deep and installed all the piping that needs to be done right now. Once it is inspected we can cover it up and start on the floor. Right now the pipe runs just outside the house, later on we will rent a small excavator and dig a trench to the septic tank and the water supply.

Right now I am working on school, and NOT watching the super bowl ;) I love foot ball and I miss playing, but it's not all that important to me now. I actually thought the super bowl was yesterday! Haha shows how much I'm interested in it. Don't worry I have plenty of idols of my own ;)


  1. You be sure and tell Baby Girl Happy Birthday.. she is growing so fast and is so beautiful..You have come a long way on your house far as the Super Bowl goes, I have no interest either..We love you all..Susie

  2. Way to crash and burn, Gabby! you make it look so easy. I bet you could totally smoke Blane Jr. in a race on that bouncy thing! :)