Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My 13th Great Grandfather

A while back I did some research into my ancestry on my dad's side and found some very interesting things about the Fowlers, but recently mom has done a lot of research on her ancestry and I must say it's more interesting than what I found. 

My 13th Grandfather was William Whitaker.

William was a contemporary of John Calvin and wrote one of the most extensive works on the sufficiency of scripture. He was a strong defender of the faith and stood toe to toe with some of the greatest debaters of his time. Yet for all his firmness and commitment to truth he was a very gracious man, his greatest opponent in the catholic church greatly admired his intellect and attainments so much that he had a portrait of him in his studies, yet he was said to have "cut off the heads of antagonist with their own weapons"

You can find his work here

Another interesting fact is that 2 of his 8 children named Alexander Whitaker and Jabez were some of the first to come into Jamestown. Alexander became known as the "Apostle of Virginia" and was the one who baptized Pocahontas. 

Something else my mom found was that my 9th Great Grandfather Thomas Wooten was one of the settlers of Jamestown. He was 22 at the time, a surgeon, and a companion of John Smith who he treated when he was injured.

This was all very interesting to us to find out.     

On a more musical note:

I know it's been awhile since the Wretched Brothers have posted anything, but here is a little something something until we can get something up hopefully next week.

Here are some pics from when we went tubing after Church Sunday.


  1. Wow, that is amazing! Also, I'm glad to see ya'll had fun out there.


  2. Hannah and I are peaking at your blog. She can't believe that you actually took your camera tubing!!!! What a photographer! :-) we love you guys..............Mrs. B and Hannah