Friday, December 18, 2009

12 inches and it has not even really started!

I have not seen this much snow since I was 1 year old.
It started snowing around six o'clock this morning and already we have over a foot of snow.

After about three hours of reading, computer searching, and pacing back and forth I finally succumbed to cabin fever. So I got my snow attire on went outside looking for something to do. I decided to build an igloo. Its not finished yet but it will be 8x8x4.

I have gotten a lot of beautiful pictures of the snow and birds and other things but my "3G" super fast internet connection is moving slow, you will get those later.

We had planned on going out of town to have Christmas with my mom's family saturday and with my dad's family on sunday but we are not going any where for a few days.

Mom is cooking a deer roast that our gracious neighbor gave to us. We have plenty of food and water and we still have power so we should be good 

Well I thought I had a lot of things to blog about but for some reason I drawing a blank.
I guess I'll go make my green smoothie and do some more pacing.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and be safe.  

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