Saturday, April 10, 2010

13 Logs

We have thirteen logs peeled now (we got into one log and found that the end was rotted, so we didn't finish peeling it, the rotten part will be cut off and the rest used for a lifting pole) Things are going a little bit faster than I imagined, hopefully we will be able to keep up the pace or get even faster.

Over the past two or three days I've went to Lowes twice picking up a total of 60 2x4x12s and a few 2x4 studs, and started cutting away, yesterday I finished cutting all the braces we will need to make the forms, it was about three o'clock when I was done cutting braces and was ready to start putting together forms, from 3:00 to 8:30 I was able to get five forms built but most of my time was spent setting up and making a jig to make putting the braces on easier. The time I spent making the jig was worth it, and will be much faster than measuring where each brace needs to go and then clamping, drilling, ect. 

We need a total of 28 forms, we already 9, I think if I worked on it myself all day I could get it done in two or three days, but if dad and I worked on it together all day I think we could get it done in a day.

Ben-jo eating some green concoction of mother's making 

"Little girl" after taking a bath 

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