Thursday, May 6, 2010

Almost There

We finished backfilling the foundation good enough to keep the forms in place while we are pouring. Tomorrow is the big day, the concrete guy will be here at 8 o'clock in the morning to pour the foundation.

Spring is definitely here and I have pictures to prove it 

Pretty darn cool looking flower. 

A caterpillar/butterfly in it's cocoon. I didn't notice until I pulled the picture up on the computer screen, but it almost looks like a human fetus doesn't it?  (fetus=real, living, human baby not fetal tissue!) 

A little butterfly.

A creepy crawly 

A few weeks ago we were outside roasting hot doggies, and dad said "I here banjo music".
Everyone laughed and somebody made the "paddle faster" joke. Then we figured out it was coming from inside our house from some music I had on. I think we are starting to blend in nicely in Clyde.  

I don't know why but I just started thinking I would really like to have a resonator or mandolin. Hmmm wishful think I guess

 My birthday will be in one month tomorrow. It's sneaking up on me. I can remember all the things I wanted to do when I turned 18 a few years ago, and I thank God for redirecting my paths, I look now at the path I was ready to go down, a path of debt, laziness, and Godlessness, a path that would have ultimately lead to my destruction. He had no obligation to save me from that, and yet while I was an enemy of Him He died for me, what love incomprehensible. He chose me while I was rejecting Him, He changed my heart, gave me new desires, and set my feet on the rock. 
This is the same God who died for you a sinner, what other act of kindness can compare? Because of His great love He died for you, because of this repent and believe on Jesus.  

"Come just as thou art, with thy woe,
 Fall down at the feet of the Lamb;
 He will not, He cannot say, “Go”,
 But surely will take out thy stain
A fountain is opened for sin,
 And thousands its virtues have proved
 He’ll take thee, and plunge thee therein,
 And wash thee from filth in His blood.

The soul that on Jesus relies,
 He’ll never, no never deceive;
 He freely and faithfully gives
 More blessings than we can conceive;
 Yea, down to old age He will keep,
 Nor will He forsake us at last;
He knows and is known by His sheep;
 They’re His, and He will hold them fast."

-William Gadsby, Poor Sinner, Dejected With Fear

If you haven't fallen down at the feet of the Lamb dejected with fear, Why would you reject such marvelous love? Please repent and look to Jesus, His arm of omnipotent grace Is able and willing to save.

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