Friday, May 7, 2010

Foundation Is Poured!

We had to have the concrete pumped into the forms 

We will be able to pop the forms off Monday, and then we have to put the seal plate on and then the inspector will come out and take a look at it.

I heard a really good quote from Charles Spurgeon today.
It basically went like this (rough paraphrase)
"What would you think of me if a man murdered one of my dear brothers in Christ, and then I adored the bloody knife that killed him? What would you think if I was friends with the murderer and consistently visited with him and invited him to my house? You would think that I must have been an accomplice to the gruesome crime, that I was in on it all along...Sin is the knife that killed our savior, sin is that wicked assassin that murdered our Lord, sin is that knife stained red with the blood of Jesus. How then can we love sin? How can we tolerate it as though it were not the very murderer of our Lord? 

All I can say is wow! It puts a whole new perspective on overcoming sin doesn't it? It's no longing something we try to overcome so we can be a better christian, it becomes vulgar and disgusting. 
Make no provision for the flesh.              

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