Saturday, May 8, 2010

We Still Love You Spurgeon

We had a pretty light day today, we got up and peeled two 60 ft logs and then me and dad went to pick up a bunch of stuff for mothers day tomorrow. We are having a special mothers day thingy at Church, basically the guys do all the cooking and watch the kids so the ladies can have some time to talk. The food won't be as good as it usually is but that's ok.

I'm listening to a Miles Davis trumpet solo that I have to transcribe on the bass, it should be fun, I just hope I'd don't have to transcribe the fretless bass bass line

I was looking forward to going to the park for Church tomorrow but it will be to cold and it's very shady at the park, so we are just doing Church at our regular building, it should still be a good time as always.    

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